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Morte a terra (die-in)

Die-ins are one of the simplest pieces of civil disobedience and have been used by a variety of movements for decades. Die-ins are a perfect first time action and very rarely lead to interventions by the police. 

For new rebels it's a perfect way to experience stepping over the boundary into disobedience and embodying what it's like to rebel. 

If done in a public place they’re also very effective for movement building. Consider having a few rebels handing out flyers around the outside of the die in. 


  1. Choose a location. A striking location like a major public museum or government building makes a great press photo particularly if you can find a place where a photo can be taken from above. A die-in can also be used to be more disruptive, in which case you could consider using it to block an entrance to a government official’s office and forcing them to step over you. 
  2. Get everyone together for a briefing beforehand identify who the coordinator is and what the signal will be to begin the die in (it could be as simple as the coordinator being the first person to lie down).
  3. Dress as ordinary citizens and gather incognito as a group in your chosen location. On the signal lie down on the floor and pretend to be dead.  
  4. Stay for as long as you want or - if you’re blocking a door - to the point of being dragged away / arrested. Even 5 minutes is enough to get an impactful photo in the press. 
  5. Think about adding a creative element like fake blood to pour around you.


  • A die in is perfect for signalling mass extinction but is also more widely symbolic of our refusal to cooperate with a system that is driving us towards destruction