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Many governmental bodies, both national and local, have public sessions in which you can sit as an observer. This is a perfect opportunity for rebellious disruption that will get the attention of your elected leaders. At the low end of the scale this can be as simple as holding a banner up or standing up interrupting a session with your own speech. At the more disruptive end this could extend to a full scale occupation that refuses to leave until the point of arrest. 

There are so many different creative ways to disrupt, but here’s a few concrete ideas to get you going: 


  1. Scout the location out beforehand. Find out when the next public session is. Consider if there are any significant debates or decisions coming up. Are they planning a meeting about a new road, new airport or new incinerator? How many people can sit in the viewing area at once?
  2. Research the potential legal consequences and brief your group of rebels. Some states have laws about disrupting public meetings. 
  3. Do a recce and watch how a similar meeting pans out. How long before the session starts are visitors allowed to take a seat? What point in the meeting would be most impactful to interrupt? 
  4. Read the rules about what you can and can’t bring into government sessions. Sharps, knives and firearms will almost certainly be stopped, but some states have laws preventing even the bringing in of banners or political material of any kind. 


  1. Take a place in the public viewing area and wait for the meeting to start. 
  2. Depending on what items you are able to bring in with you you could consider using the following methods of disruption:
    1. Shout or chant loudly over proceedings that there is a climate emergency. 
    2. Stand up and loudly make your own speech condemning the meeting for their criminal inaction 
    3. Hold up a banner or drop a banner from a balcony. 
  3. Remember to remain respectful and nonviolent at all times and avoid using blaming and shaming language. We recognise that we are all part of the same toxic system and so we are inviting our leaders to see sense and join us in tackling this emergency together. 
  4. If there is a chance to engage directly with members of the governing body you are disrupting then engage with them empathetically, explaining the reason for the disruption, the facts of the emergency and the fact that their inaction has led to an urgent need for action. You could consider inviting them to an upcoming Heading For Extinction talk. 


  1. OPTION A: Enter the chamber / meeting room early and sit down in the centre of the room, or in the seats that will soon be needed by members of the government body you are disrupting. Bring banners, music and food and drink to last you a few hours. Hold the space for long enough to have the meeting postponed or cancelled. Consider holding a workshop or making educational speeches and inviting members of the meeting to take part. 
  2. OPTION B: Wait until the meeting has started and walk to the front to peacefully interrupt proceedings with loud singing and chanting.


  1. Getting part- or completely naked in the session demonstrates a sense of humour that makes the action seem attractive and light hearted. 
  2. Consider painting a message on your body that can be revealed when you strip off. This is a good tactic to use if you are trying to disrupt a place where any political material (such as banners or signs) is forbidden from being taken into the session 
  3. If the viewing area is separated from the main session by glass you might want to consider using superglue to glue yourself to the glass for added disruption. Make sure you’ve done the research about what additional charges this may result in (criminal damage etc). 


  1. Surprisingly this actually does a pretty good job of disrupting a session… or getting you dragged out. 
  2. Make sure it really is just flower petals or soft paper confetti that you’re throwing and nothing that could possibly hurt anyone. It is crucial to remain nonviolent at all times.