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da tradurre e scrivere bene

Dropping a banner off a bridge, or from the viewing level of a government building is a simple and classic way of getting your message across. These tend to work best if they are provocative and taboo breaking. One of XR UK’s first actions was to drop a banner that simply read “Climate Change: We’re Fucked.”

Banner drops work best when you think about creating a great photo. Think about what image will make it into the press. How can you make this as striking as possible? 

The bigger the banner, the bigger the impact. Small homemade banners are easy to ignore and look like they’re the work of a lone fanatic rather than a growing mass movement. When making your banner it's best to either have it professionally printed or to use the Extinction Rebellion type font (Fucxed CAPS - downloadable in the art pack) to make it look visually striking.